• Beat Tape for your listening pleasure - [Media]

    Jun 9, 2010

    4 Old Kids, the friends and fools supplying us with all the tunes we use in our video materials, just released a tape: The Beat Stew: Volume 1.

    The tape has already been featured by the LA- and Tokyo-based Tres Records, one of California's top independent hiphop labels. So, you know what you get!!!

    "4 old kids" are 4 beat makers (Cut Spencer (producer/DJ), Olivier (producer), RawBell (producer) & The Intern (producer)) who just wanna get out there and collaborate, getting some verbal spirit for those beats! They compiled their current stuff and are offering this now for a free download.

    Here is the link to their free download beat tape.
    Also, check out their myspace page.

    They got beats!!!

    The Beat Stew: Volume 1